This astonishing and super deep shot of an evil galaxy causing its neighbour to rip itself apart was shot by our BAT members and has been awarded Image of the Day in astrobin. šŸ˜I’m well chuffedšŸ˜ Astrobiscuit Video about about it dropping on Sat. Quality Prints available for a few weeks in Aug.

I would particularly like to thank the following BAT members for their amazing contribution to the final image: @Lyaphine, @Jarinn @Michael MeredithĀ  @Luka Poropat Ā @MrCrazyPhysicist @reglogge @UlrichvonZottmann @Alphan Ā @Dickyblowout @ugapeyton, @CodyBrownBudgetAstro @Pam Whitfield @stefan2499 @Weber