Distance: ?

  @Munk and @lyaphine have found a new planetary nebula and we’d like our experienced astrophotographers to help us see what it looks like.  All I know is that it is about as large as the moon so you don’t need a big scope to get it. This summer target would benefit from Ha and Oiii and LRGB (as apparently there is a dark nebula nearby). As this is a new discovery we don’t have nice pictures to show off the image. All we have is the reference frame and co-ordinates.


I would suggest not worrying too much about aligning your image with the reference frame. To put it simply please point your scope in the right direction and shoot. Then to avoid cropping please upload your data unaligned. We’ll only know what we’ve got when we’ve gotten enough data in to see it and I think then we can decide on the the reference frame.  @Munk and @Lyaphine have suggested that folks who help them get data n this target can help choose its nickname😁There is a bit more information here (but not much as this target was not known until now!):

Download Regular Imager's reference frame

Center (RA, Dec): (269.332, -7.526)
Center (RA, hms): 17h 57m 19.582s
Center (Dec, dms): -07° 31′ 34.949″
Size: 1.99 x 1.33 deg
Radius: 1.195 deg
Pixel scale: 1.14 arcsec/pixel
Orientation: Up is -0.5 degrees E of N