This fantastic animation was shot by Tom Polakis back in 2016. Its a baby star going bat crazy in a big bag of gas. A small group of very talented amateur astrophotographers ( all members of BIG AMATEUR TELESCOPE) are shooting Hubble’s Variable Nebula again this year. We’re trying to shoot it twice a week and hope to have a longer more detailed animation of this baby star’s antics through the winter of 2021. As far as I know no one else on Earth is monitoring this activity. Problem is over the next few days all our guys are either clouded out or out of town. SO PLEASE if you have a decent scope (8inch or bigger reflector) and you are able to spare 4 hrs shooting luminance on this target between now and 22nd Nov 2021 then let us know. Thank you kindly! I get a lot of messages so the surest way of contacting me is to message @astrobiscuit on my discord server although hopefully your message below won’t be lost. Much appreciated. Rory