Finally we’ve had some clear nights and the data is rolling in. Here is some of the data members have submitted for our current crop of targets;
M82- the Cigar Galaxy – it’ll be interesting to see if lucky imaging can boost the resolution of this super weird star burst galaxy.
Spider and Fly nebula (IC 417) – this is one for the regular imagers and one of the last narrow band targets before Galaxy Season. I believe if we get enough folks shooting this we will reveal faint dark fingers cutting through the ‘web’.

Abell 6 – a super faint super hard target well done folks for getting this far with it.

Witches Head: This is a low nebula which is setting; not long left to get this one, anyone with data on the head is encouraged to submit it soon.

The Boogey Man Nebula (LDN 1622) This is my data from my roof in London. Such a lovely target, I really hope we get enough folks shooting it to really do something special.

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